Sunday 24 October

10.30am Benefice Holy Communion
St Mary Magdalene, Castle Ashby

10.30am Sunday Breakfast
St Andrew's, Yardley Hastings

4.00pm Harvest Evening Prayer
St Margaret's, Denton

Wednesday 27 October

09.30am Holy Communion
St Mary’s, Grendon

Sunday 31 October

10.30am Benefice Holy Communion
and Revd Morna's Induction
St Andrew's, Yardley Hastings

Masks and Social Distancing in Church 

I know many are a little tired of needing to check whether they have their masks to go shopping and come to church, and it is difficult for each of us to navigate ourselves through these times and still feel safe.

Whilst it is not possible to ‘police’ mask wearing in each of our churches, I do encourage you to think of everyone as you come into church. Some of us are very aware of how many people we have interacted with in our working weeks and the level of risk that that may bring - even if we have been double vaccinated, it is still possible to become infected with COVID-19 and to pass it on.

Whilst it is hoped that a vaccine would protect us from becoming seriously ill, there are some amongst our number who are immuno-compromised or have underlying conditions which mean that this would not be the case. 

We wear masks not to protect ourselves, but to protect others. You may continue to feel that this is not necessary to come in and go out of church. If you remain concerned and wish to wear a mask throughout the service and keep a safe distance from others throughout the service, please ask to be directed to one of our ’socially distanced areas’ when you arrive. 

We have been introducing singing into our services and will be resuming the offering of refreshments before or after services in the next few weeks. In order to sing indoors, it does remain important for you to wear your masks - failing to do so could put those in front of you at greater risk. Ultimately, your priests are at the front of church, and exposing either Rev’d Morna or Rev‘d Janet to greater risk of exposure may jeopardise our opportunity to worship together.

As we begin to offer refreshments after church, it
 remains easier and safer for you to bring your own and sit down whilst enjoying a warm drink - depending on the weather, the best option continues to be gathering outside. If you do not bring your own, please maintain a safe distance from one another as you collect your brew!

We have been experimenting with recording the whole service

or recording the sermon for a number of months now.


For some time the sermon was available on an answerphone on Sundays and we subsequently ceased the Zoom service alongside the in-person service, so we recorded

the whole service for those who did not feel able to join the weekly benefice services.


In each case, these have been accessed by only one or two people

and both of these services incur small running costs.


I have therefore taken the decision to stop recording our sermons or services.


If, however, you would be interested in being able to access these,

please could you let Rev’d Morna know -

we are happy to pay for these services, if enough people find them beneficial.



Castle Ashby:  Richard Dicks,  on 01604 696 237

or Patrick Lovering on 01604 696 630

Whiston: Jean Graves, 01604 891 186

Grendon: Deborah Rush, email: 

or tel. 01933 663 918

Denton: Carole Clarke. 01604 890 170


Yardley Hastings: Fiona Rowntree, 01604 696 665

or email: